Online Bingo Card Pattern

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It goes without saying that bingo is one of the best and most entertaining games at online casinos . Many players enjoy it, and some even think that there can ever be found a casino game that will be as much interesting as bingo. The rules of the game are very easy to understand, though to play game quickly you will need some practice. Probably the only complication a player can meet is the variety of patterns, though for  internet casino  gamblers it will need be such problems, as all the patterns can be marked there automatically. Nevertheless, you need to know these patterns at least to be able to call yourself a rally good gambler. Follow this gambling directory  and make your knowledge better.

Possible Bingo Patterns

  • 5 around the corner – this is one of the patterns that involves only 5 numbers. This image covers 5 cells at the corner of the card, in this way 4 types of this pattern.

  • 711 – you need 16 numbers to create this pattern, cells are placed in the form of number 711.

  • 8 around the corner – involves 8 numbers, and as well as 5 around the corner patter, this image covers the cells at the corner of the card.

  • Any diagonal – a diagonal line with 5 numbers.

  • Any horizontal – a horizontal line with 5 numbers.

  • Any outside line – a pattern of 5 numbers that takes cells close to outline of the card.

  • Any vertical – pattern of 5 numbers placed vertically.

  • Cover all – all the cells at the card are covered.

  • Cover all free space – all the cells at the card are covered except for the middle cell.

  • Inside picture frame – pattern with 8 numbers. Cells around the middle cells are covered.

  • Letter patterns – create image of the letter at the card.

  • Postage stamp – pattern place on the right top corner covering 4 cells.

  • General Types of Pattern

    Of course, above you see only some of the possible patterns that can appear at you card, but there are more of them. Now let us dwell upon some of the their basic types:

  • Crazy patterns are those that can rotate and in this way change the total look of the image.

  • Hard Way patterns do not use free space in the middle of the card.

  • Standard patterns – are usually places at the same place of the card.

  • As you can see the division of the patterns is very easy to understand, and playing the game it will be easy for you to know how the strategies may differ. Bear in mind, that many casinos create their own patterns, so you need to check the information before you start to play.