Which Countries Play Bingo

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Bingo has become one of the most popular hobbies for most people all over the world. It is no wonder why it seems to be played in nearly all countries of the world. This game is social, fun and provides a plethora of great prizes that players can win in the course of having fun. With the introduction of online bingo and mobile bingo, players have enjoyed great convenience of playing their favorite game wherever and whenever they are. For these reasons, people are joining in from hundreds of countries and bingo has become a household name to many.

But just as you might imagine, there are several different kinds of bingos available and some of them are specific to a certain country. Some of the countries where bingo is very popular are such as US and UK which have the largest number of player especially online players. America is the leading country in North America when it comes to Bingo playing. The game made its debut in US around 1929 when it was called beano that is played at many carnivals all over the world using uncooked beans. Bingo game was popularized in America by a toy sales man in New York by the name Edwin S. Lowe who renamed it to Bingo after a friend of his became very excited when he won and shouted ‘bingo’ instead of beano.

In Asia, one of the countries where bingo is very popular is Japan. Even though bingo was majorly introduced in Japan via the online platform, experts in this industry say that they now love this game even much more than Brits. In fact, Japan is ranked second after America in terms of the largest number of online bingo players. Besides UK, another country in Europe where Bingo is very popular is Germany. Germans have been playing since 1880’s when the game was originally called der Lottospiel and after winning, they will shout ‘voltreffer! But unlike the version played by Brits, their bingo game is majorly used for teaching children history, maths and spelling.

Bingo game is also played by many in Italy and in fact, history records Italy to be the origin place of bingo. The Italian version of Bingo was created back in 1530 and it is among the oldest bingo versions. Recently, online bingo in Italy is now legal and there is no doubt that the game will become even more popular than ever.