Bingo Rule Basics

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The game of Bingo is the one offered  in most virtual or the common gambling rooms. It stands by the easy rules that do not require much knowledge about the betting basics like in case you play roulette, poker, classic online blackjack, or other download blackjack variations. Mostly online Bingo halls offer both variants of the Bingo entertainment, the 75 ball and the 90 ball game. The 75 ball bingo entertainment is the US Bingo while the 90 ball type is played mostly in Australia and the UK. Below we shall list the rules and special features of the US Bingo game because it is the one most commonly featured version in all the gambling halls.

The common special features of the bingo claim that the target of the entertainment is either to mark all numbers or to cover the numbers according to a specific pattern and to be the first winning player that shouts out “Bingo” and win the jackpot. The numbers which are to be covered are printed on unique Bingo cards which are 5Ñ…5 grids of numbers from 1 to 75, vertical rows named with letters B, I, N, G, O accordingly. The columns comprise five numbers in the range of the numbers of the particular letter. This signifies that the numbers of the column “B” (the first vertical row) comprise numbers from the range between 1 and 15, the column “I” - 16-30, the column “N” - 31-45, the column “G” - 46-60 and the vertical row “O” - 61-75.

According to Bingo rules, in the middle of cardboard card there is a free space which is daubed in the start of the Bingo game. The numbers are randomly chosen out of the special number container and called by the Bingo caller.

The winning images of the game are usually lines of daubed numbers. The lines may be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Furthermore, depending on the variation of the hall and the fantasy of the room owner, the pictures could be in the shape of letters, symbols, images of numbers. The most complicated winning pattern is usually the blackout scheme when all the numbers of the sheet are daubed.

The game cardboard cards are bought before the entertainment starts. Each gamer can purchase from 1 to 100 Bingo cardboard cards in case he is able to control all of them and follow the game. All the Bingo cardboard cards are special so there can be no 2 same sheets.

The online bingo is a little bit different from the rule of regular Bingo because of the multiple features provided for all the Internet gamblers. The number one of these Bingo Rules features is the Auto daub which will automatically daub all the called numbers on all the gamer tickets and show those with the largest rate of the called numbers.

Moreover, the Internet Bingo Rules permit the gamers to chat on the Internet when the autodauber is working and offers a chance to win more in the flash amusements.