Online Bingo Variations

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There are just two  bingo variations offered in both actual and web gambling rooms, though they still are very popular among players. The bingo versions like slot games or online roulette have some particular characteristics, though the rules and principles of game running are similar. In addition, at online casinos you have a big advantage - online casino bonus and promos.  Now let us look closer to bingo games.

US vs UK Bingo

The US gamble the 75 Bingo variations on a card of 5x5 chart with the central free space. The British play 90-ball  Bingo Variations with 9x3 grid cardboard card. However the variants differ, the purpose of the Bingo is to cover all the squares on the Bingo card conforming to the chosen pattern that may be in the shape of the rows and harder shapes.

Because the 75 Bingo game cards are the most simple ones, here we will describe the Bingo card that comprises 3 horizontal rows and 9 vertical lines. Each row of 9 squares comprises 5 numbered squares and 4 free spaces collected at a random. The first column comprises numbers 1-10, the second - 11-20, the third - 21-30 and so on till the last column that has the numbers 81-90. The patterns in the 90-ball Bingo game are one horizontal line, 2 horizontal rows and cover all. The game is all the time gambled in 3 rounds one by one, the premiere stage is the single line (5 numbers marked in one horizontal line on one card), the second stage is a two line game of Bingo (10 spaces daubed in 2 horizontal rows on one card) and the jackpot is the full house (15 numbers marked on one card).

UK Bingo might also be played in the Speed Bingo Variations; though the only difference is that the numbers fall out quicker.

Most frequently the land-based British gambling halls approve the legitimacy of the called Bingo by checking the 1 to 8 number security code. This reduces the required time to approve each number on the cardboard card. Still in small Bingo rooms each call on the winning cardboard must be checked, read out.