Casino Books and Tutorials

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There is a useful compilation of books and materials which are considered to be worthwhile when dealing with casino games and gambling. While some information provided below may only be applied to certain aspects of casino activities, there are some other points which focus on particular issues or provide general information on gambling. If you want to educate yourself on any specific aspect of gambling, gather a broad insight on gambling or simply want to read about stories about success and look through strategies, check out the paragraphs below.

Beating the Casinos

One useful book for all avid casino gamblers is Walter's Thomason 109 Ways to Beat the Casinos. Thomason and his friends have written this book in order to help casino players to understand the strategies involved in winning at the casinos. The authors have provided a range of tips and detailed strategies for a range of casino games and activities. This book is perfect for beginners as well and also provides ideas which even experienced players may not be aware of.

Yet another useful book is written by Ben Mezrich. Bringing Down the House is a story of 6 MIT students that took Vegas and earned millions. This book tracks the story of a group of students who invented strategies for beating the house. This book is very useful and easy to read. Another book primarily aimed at beginners is Beating the Casinos at Their Own Game by Peter Svoboda. This book has many colorful diagrams and takes the effort to explain even the most basic of concepts to beginners.

Other Useful Books

The basic thorough rundown of gambling and casino games is provided in the book by Susan Spector and Stanford Wong called The Complete Idiot's Guide to Gambling Like a Pro. The book is light going and easy to read and comprehend. This makes the book an ideal choice for those who are just starting to learn about playing at the casinos. The book also offers useful lessons and provides in-depth explanations of concepts. An old guidebook known as the Unofficial Guide to Casino Gambling by Basil Nestor offers valuable insight into the nuances of casino games and gambling. This is a useful book for players of all levels. Some books describe online gambling as well. It also serves as a good complement to existing knowledge that players might have concerning casino gambling.

Apart from referring to these printed texts, players can also obtain updated or comprehensive information about gambling at casinos and having an advantage when playing the machines. The internet is a good supplier of information especially when it is needed immediately. Applying the tips and strategies mentioned on websites and the above-mentioned books you'll definitely get advantages.