Slot Machines vs Bingo Games

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Slot machines are easy to play. That box-like machine with a lever on the right side that you pull after you have placed the required coins gives you a feeling of excitement as you hear the sound of the slots turning, and your heart pumps as you are eagerly anticipating, hoping that the figures would match so that you could win some money, or even better, see the word jackpot! Let us describe how the game is being played and you be the judge on which one is more fun to play.

The odds in the slot machine are based on the odds of a bingo game. Slot machine games are now hooked into a computer mainframe and the more slot machines are hooked together, there is always 1 winner, and the less likely there will be winners. So chances are, you will keep on putting those coins into the machine and spin the slots only to lose them all every time. The more you do not see that jackpot on the slot, the greater your desire to put some more coins and try to win them all back. If you are playing the slot machines with friends, at least you would be able to laugh together and joke around, so it is going to be a fun experience. But if you are alone, you will end up down or frustrated; unless of course if you were just there to pass time, which is unlikely. What if the machine itself gets jammed? What are you going to do? It is going to be a different story for online slot machine games, still, winning is less likely to happen.

Bingo is not perceived as gambling but an ordinary card game that the whole family can play. The fact that bingo is played with other people, it is more fun and there is a sense of friendly competition. Even with online bingo; since you have a way of talking and interacting with the other online players, you are still not alone. Where you are playing bingo the traditional way, in a bingo hall full of people and bingo cards, or online via auto play or auto-daubing, it is more relaxed and fun and less stressful on the pocket – it is less stressful because all you will be interested and excited most of the time, not to mention the different bingo games that online bingo websites offer.