Unfair Taxes on UK Bingo Halls

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Because of the taxes many legal casinos had been forced to stop their activity. Though bingo games remain to be popular among players, for many casino owners it became absolutely unprofitable to keep the casinos running.

In United Kingdom most of the gambling houses are under government control. Due to that all the players are protected, and for a long time it was some kind of insurance for customers that they won’t be cheated. But the higher taxed became, the more legal bingo halls disappear and the more illegal houses began their activity.

The new law states that all licensed and legal bingo halls are required to pay the tax twice bigger than any other UK casino. So, bingo gambling establishments today pay not only VAT 17.5%, but also additional tax of 15%. That makes running a bingo hall almost unbearable, as in general taxes rise to 28.5%.

Other gambling establishments, such as poker rooms and traditional casinos pay only 15% tax, and that cannot be compared to the taxes paid by online casino. Most of the casino owners are afraid that this reform will have impact on the whole gambling and soon the taxes will rise to all of the gambling houses. That will reduce the number of casino establishments imensly.