Bingo Games with Windfall Gain

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What is Bingo Game?

Bingo is a game with windfall. Bingo is a gambling game that involves marking off the called numbers on a random basis from the player’s cards / tickets. The winner would be the person who marked off all the card numbers in a least time period.

The history of the game was commenced in Italy in 1500’s and became popular in France, Great Britain and other regions of Europe in 1700’s. Germany used the bingo game as an educational tool for teaching first grade children with multiplication tables, spelling and other subjects, including even history. In general people might get addicted to the game and many countries have banned the game. The US bingo consists of numbers from 1 to 75 and called 75-ball bingo, while in UK the number consists of from 1 to 90 and named accordingly 90-ball bingo. The slight difference exists between the two types of bingo games of US and UK, in terms of the numbers, tickets/cards and calling.


Many bingo clubs all around the world present the Windfall Gain on specific types of games and periods. Some clubs have a fee to win the windfalls, while others offer it for free of charge. There are many types of windfalls, for example, lucky number, bullseye, double bubble, bingo bonus and many more. According to the club the names of the windfalls vary and the amount of price, as well.

Bullseye has a rule that if you call house in exactly fifty numbers extra 50 GBP is offered. Lucky number is the windfall that has a prize for the luck number that closes the house. Each player before the game would be applied with the lucky number from 1 to 90 and if they call house with their lucky number they will gain huge prize on average 1500 GBP. The double bubble is the chance to win double amount of the prize if the player calls house with double numbers like 11, 22, 33, 44 and etc. Bingo bonus is the opportunity to win the jackpot by calling the house in a limited number of trials that would be set by the caller. Whoever calls it within the stated number of trials will win the prize.

There are many types of bingo games with windfall gain and windfalls also vary and have many types. Some windfalls are special offers of particular bingo game clubs, while others are widely known standard windfall gains all around the world.