Woman Got Arrested For Disturbing Others At The Bingo Hall

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Find out how disobedience and violation of simple bingo hall rules could lead you to material losses let alone reputation damage.

It was a simple, quiet bingo evening at one of the bingo halls in Louisiana. Nothing could ever tell that the lady of 50 years of age could be a violator of the day. Barbara Ann Miller, was constantly disturbing the players around, and did not want to keep her voice down.

The most common rule at all ground-based bingo halls is to be silent not to distract other players and their attention. Unfortunately for Barbara Ann Miller, this rule she refused to follow even after the police officers requested her to keep her voice down. Due to her refusal, she was immediately asked to cash out and leave the bingo hall. As Barbara Ann Miller did not follow, she was arrested.

After she was arrested, she claimed the bingo room owed her 599. She was later bailed on a 1000 bond.