Bingo Games for Ladies

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According to a recent research carried out, the findings showed that adults and children spend a considerable amount of time online shopping, interacting on social networking sites, reading books, newspapers, magazines, surfing the net and playing internet games. But what was really shocking in this research is that about 10 percent of all the internet time is spent on internet gaming which is the most popular activity online. What was even more fascinating is that ladies or women for that matter have become great funs of online gaming. Women’s bingo is the leading online gambling game.

Recent years have seen the industry of online bingo explode massively and a lot of this growth has been attributed to the women bingo players. Women make up about 70 percent in this multiple billion dollar industry and the popularity of women’s bingo on the internet has made the traditional women’s bingo to be revived. Now, you will be amazed by the large number of bingo halls and bingo sites springing all over like mushrooms. But exactly why are bingo games for ladies so popular nowadays? Technically, it is an undeniable fact that the internet gaming industry has since debut been catering primarily for men and boys with the most popular product being action games.

Bingo was invented first in Italy at around 1530 and women became very fond of the game. Since most countries had enacted strict laws which forbid women from gambling, most ladies played bingo as it wasn’t regarded as gambling as such. This is because bingo included no dice and was thus not regarded as a gambling game. Women became very fond of it as it was very fast, entertaining and simple which made it quite popular amongst all the social classes ranging from the most conservative to the poorest.

Bingo thus grew in great popularity and the working classes used to play it in churches and specified halls while the elite used to play it with friends at home. Another reason that explains why bingo became so popular among ladies is that the game wasn’t associated with the immoral and evil games as they were referred to them. For this reason, the game remained largely acceptable among women of all status. Today, the world of bingo has never been as good as with the emergence of online bingo as this means that everyone, including women can play their favorite game whenever and wherever they want.