Online Bingo for American Gamblers

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American gamblers are faced with a lot of limitations when it comes to gambling online. As such, they need to really invest a lot of time and effort searching for bingo sites which suit their needs and work for them. Online bingo is not an exception because like other casino games, not so many gambling sites accept American gamblers. But as this game becomes a popular pastime there is a relatively large number of casinos today that accept American gamblers which is definitely good news for all bingo fans.

American bingo history dates back in 1929 when a game which consisted of card board, rubber number stamp and beans was being played in a carnival in Atlanta Georgia. After filling a line, the winner was required to yell ‘Beano’. One player mistakenly exclaimed ‘Bingo’ upon winning which led to the birth of the name and Edwin Lowe popularized the game. The American bingo is the 75 ball bingo which comprises of 5 columns with 5 rows and the center of the 5x5 bingo card being a free space. After every play, the players make use of a magnetic wand for picking the chips up and a dabber.

Each round in American bingo is filled with great fun as there are many patterns used to determine the players. For American gamblers, the act of the bingo caller to call numbers is considered to be a very serious business and not an attraction like in other places such as UK. Bingo started as a means used by churches to raise funds and over the years, many American charitable organizations have raised a lot of cash through bingo.

The American online bingo has now exploded into a massive empire that virtually has more than 1000 online bingo sites where American gamblers can play. This brings in a unique atmosphere of awesome sociability as the roomies chat with one another. Chat hosts add a dimension of entertainment and fun to the rooms. Online bingo sites are launched by software operations that are shared among many sites. As an American gambler looking for a great bingo site to play at, it is advisable that you check the software which the site is launched on. This indicates the casino games and bingo rooms the site offers. In addition, online bingo gamblers benefit from incentives such as no deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses and other promotions as well.