Best Basic Bingo Strategy

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No matter what game you chose to play at online casinos, you need to find out what methods you can use to make your odds to win better. Of course, there are games that have huge ways of making the chances hit a prize higher (like blackjack game), and there are also those where you can do almost nothing. Unfortunately, one of these games is bingo.

But do not be disappointed, as there are directions that may be helpful for you. Below find 8 tips that are working for all the players:

  • Try to choose the bingo card by yourself. You will be able to see the numbers, and in this way to choose cards with common or absolutely different numbers.

  • Choose those cards than have lower numbers. Pay special attention to the B column.

  • Numbers at I column should be not higher than 29, and not lower than 19. Do not take cards that have numbers lower than 14 in I column

  • U column should consist of the cards that are not lower than 29, and not higher than 40. The optimal range will be 29-39.

  • G column greets numbers higher than 49.

  • In O column the numbers should be nor higher than 70, and not lower than 59.

  • If you want to play bingo with better chances, you should play with many cards. So buy as many of them as possible, and you will be able to win more. If you want to lose less money, buy lower number of cards! The fewer cards you have, the less money you spend, and the more you save at the end.

  • The last tip that can be working for you if you have no experience playing bingo. If you play bingo at traditional casino try to buy cards that have similar numbers. In this way it will be easier for you to stay concentrated on the game, and not to think whether this or that card has the number called. If you have experience and know that your reaction is quick and you find the number called in a few seconds, choose the cards with absolutely different numbers – that will help you to win the game.

  • Combine the above mentioned tips according to the way you prefer to play bingo and you will see that the game starts to pay you more, and you can’t stop to enjoy it.