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Among the best casino software developers Vegas Technology is one of the most known. Its games are played by many players, and quality of them is really the best on the market. History of this software provider started in 1996, when the OddsOn company appeared. Later on the company has changed its name.

Gambling market started to develop and the OddsOn offered really attractive and safe facilities to gambling website, permitting protected money transactions via internet. The number of clients began to rise and that was a time when company has started its growth.

The Growth

Presenting really big number of the modern java games, the OddsOn became of the first to get license in Barbuda and Antigua and start out a new age in online gambling. OddsOn continued to launch new products and very soon its name became well known among not only casinos, but also among players.

2003 was the year of many changes for OddsOn, and actually it was the year when the Vegas Technology by itself appeared. OddsOn and English Harbor Gaming Ventures amalgamated and a new company appeared that was actually Vegas Technology. The clients of both game providers became clients of this company.

Though the name has been changed, the quality of game remained the same – very high, with good graphics and extremely attractive payouts. RNG ensured the absolute fairness of the game running, and both casinos and players have been satisfied.

Attractive Points

Today Vegas Technology offers huge number of possible games: slot machines, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker, craps, and many other games. Except for traditional games you will find also live games – a new option in gambling houses allowing players to have more fun with seemingly common games. Of course, players will also be able to find mobile software.

Vegas Technology is also known as game provider holding different tournaments and competitions. Its multiplayer tournaments are known among many players and each year more and more participates are involved in them. The prizes are usually very high, so it is quite obvious that every player is ready to make the most to win playing them.

Vegas Technology has won many awards among gamblers, including Best Software Provider award. This proves that this software provider really has good offers for players, and many of them support it as one of the best ones. If you want something really good, choose Vegas Technology games and make sure that gambling is going to be fantastic!