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Even though there are no real guidelines for the online slots tournaments, there are still a few general rules which never really vary at all.

Most times you will find that you will have to “Buy in” to enter the tournament, meaning you will be required to pay a fixed fee to register and then are given a certain quantity of credits to play on a slot machine that is assigned just for you. This is when you are ready to play in the tournament, with your objective being to obtain the most cash total of all the participants in the online slots tourney.

The “Buy in” money is normally pooled together and then becomes the prize money for the winners of the slots tourney. Entering into an online slots tournament is a fantastic way to have the chance to win a substantial amount of money, with not much of an investment from you at all. Also with the opportunity to play slots for such a low investment is a great way for those slots players who are watching their pennies.

You will find most tournament rules are worldwide and quite common; you will however get alternative rules on how you can win. For example, some online slots tournaments crown the winner who has the highest single total and some tournaments are won by the player who receives the highest win during a bonus round. So this makes it all the more important to check the rules and regulations before entering and playing in an online slots tournament to prevent any disappointment at the end.

Whilst you are playing in a timed slots tourney at top casinos, remember that it is imperative that you clock up as many spins as you can and when I say timed slot tourney, I mean that your specific game is timed and once that time is up… your game is over!

So that you get as many spins in as you can and to avoid any dead play time, try holding down the spin button constantly, allowing you only short breaks between wins. Just try to keep those little reels turning constantly.