Bingo Games on Facebook

Available on all devices

A couple of years back, people had to go to a local bingo hall every time they wanted to play this awesome game. However, the recent technological advancement has drastically changed the gaming world for ever. Now, bingo sites, mobile bingo apps and many Facebook apps have made it much easier to kill some time enjoyably with friends. Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social networking site and introduction of bingo games on Facebook has really been good news to everyone involved. There are many different bingo games you can play on Facebook as highlighted here below.

One of these games is Bingo Blitz which might seem a little complex to start with but sooner than later, you will get acquainted with the game. Here, you will be competing with fellow Facebook members. Games have different requirements and rules when it comes to the type of bingo you will be aiming for such as four corners or single line. All the players of this game access the numbers simultaneously and as such, the last thing you need to worry about is someone else calling ‘Bingo’ well before you. But you will get better prizes by calling Bingo faster. You can also get bonus prizes like credits and you can also mark numbers to accumulate your points.

Another very popular bingo game on Facebook is the Bingo Island which is played by more than 600, 000 players every month. For this reason, it has come to be Facebook most popular bingo game. The game comes with tons of features and as such, you can rest assured that you won’t get bored. You will also find a very informative FAQ section and you can easily learn everything that you need to know regarding this game. Game play runs very smoothly and every bingo Island room has its chat function. This makes Bingo Island an awesome bingo experience that you can ever find on Facebook.

Another great bingo on Facebook is the Big City Bingo which boasts of having more than 100, 000 active users which is a very popular bingo application. You will be pleased with the smooth running of the game but the game only loads properly when use Adobe Flash Player. Unfortunately, this game doesn’t have an online instruction manual even though a section of FAQ is available where most of the questions are covered. Other bingo games on Facebook that you should also be on the look out for include the bingo world and bingo adventure.