Want to Know How To Make Your Mate Love Bingo

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As they say, one man's meat is another man's poison, and the ones you love most may not even like the game you find to be the best.

Here we will give you some solutions that will help you show the game to your mates in the best light.

1. Bingo Picnic

Make your mate's favourite snack, like sandwiches, burger or some pie. Get some beer or make his favourite tea and take him to the bingo hall to "eat out". In a while he will see the game and feel more relaxed than he would be without the snack.

2. Date Trade

You can offer a trade to your second half by going to bowling or shopping the day after you go to bingo. This way you have the chance he/she likes it.

Nude Bingo

This game cannot be played at the bingo hall, at home only. This game is a strip bingo and the prize is obvious. For every bingo he/she gets take one item of clothes off. This can be a very fun and romantic night for you two.

Once you show the game to your mate you have the chance he/she will like it.